What does the at::gt_out function do?

I came accross the function at::gt_out in some code but couldn’t find the details of it in the documentation. Can someone tell me what it does?

There are only doxygen warnings in the c++ documentation site. Is it an error or has it been like this always?

at::gt_out is the “greater than” operation. I don’t think you would need to use it directly, as the dispatcher should call into it based on the usage of at::gt.

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Thanks a lot for the help.
Do all the c++ and python api functions share the same name? The c++ documentation does not have any description for the functions. So I’m not able to use it.

They should use the same name as the Python API, but some C++ operations might still be missing.
You can search for the functions here and would find at least the entry for gt. Unfortunately the docs don’t seem to be complete yet.

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