What's tag of a IVAUE of input type is c10::optional<Tensor>

Refer to this test file: backend_fallback_test.cpp, When I am using the torch::CppFunction::makeFromBoxedFunction API, one of the input argument’s type is c10::optional. When it’s warpper by IVAUE, what’s the tag?

Hi @ezyang, could you kindly help to look into this question?

I guess you meant wrapped by IVALUE?
Can you give me an example, I will see whether I can help here.

Thanks Glaring. Sorry for the later reply.
I want to handle this kind of case:

void generic_wrapper_fallback(const c10::OperatorHandle& op, torch::jit::Stack* stack) {

One of input argument inside in jit::stack could be the type of c10::optional.
How can I pick the argument with this type out?

Sry, missed this message.
Can you test
If it doesn’t work, please change the category to jit, there will be jit people there help you.