When i install nb_conda, it make mistakes,help me, please!

I install pytorch in anaconda, and i want use it in the jupyter lab

anyone, help me! please, i wait here all the time

Does the pytorch-cpu version work ?

yes, but I can’t open in jupyter lab

when i open it from anaconda, i get this page .

after i click the link , i enter

but if i do it from cmd, it won’t have the choice to chage the env

Ok, I think you’ll need to provide much more information on the issue. What your env info is, how you installed pytorch and how you access it. Try installing pytorch at base if you can’t switch the environment and see what the error log is.

in base enviroment, i install tensorflow, so at first I don’t to put them together, my enviorment is win10+cuda10.0, now I can access it from anaconda, just like I reply you at 4 floor(I need to click the link). I think it is hard to fix, i decide to give up. thanks