When using libtorch 1.9.0, there are some ld messages that I don’t understand

Yesterday, I found that libtorch 1.9.0 had been released, so I downloaded and installed it on my computer. When I compiled my code, there were some ld messages that I was confused at the moment, does anyone can tell me why or how to solve it?

System info:
Xubuntu 20.04, x86_64, gcc version 9.3.0

As far as I understand, it is an inconsistency in the shared libraries information, but it should be mostly harmless (but yeah, it’s annoying…). One thing to know here is that (as far as I know, I didn’t check recently), the PyTorch distributables are built with a rather old toolchain (gcc, libc etc.) because the condition for them working are “the run-time environment must be at least as new as build-time environment”. Maybe that old toolchain produces these inconsistent bits of information.
If you are very determined, you could try building PyTorch yourself and see if the warning disappears.

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Hi Thomas,

Thank you very much for your experience and advice. Since that time, I have been using libtorch 1.9.0. And after searching some information on internet, I have found that if I add add_link_options(-fuse-ld=gold) in CMakeLists.txt, the warning message disappeared. So in my opinion , I guess the libtorch 1.9.0 was build with ld.gold linker for large project or application. Maybe I am wrong about that, but compiling code successfully without warning message makes me happy.

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