When will the conda package be updated?

I found some features like upsampling_nearest are in the github but not in the conda package. Is there a timeline when the conda package will be updated?

the conda package was updated yesterday evening with the 0.1.7 release which has the upsampling_nearest available

Thanks! I need to use install instead update to get the new package.

Do you mean that conda update torch does not work?

conda update pytorch torchvision -c soumith

Oh, so the packages are not sent to the default channels, likewise it was happening for luarocks in Torch.
I would suggest, therefore, to run this command, in order to automate the process.

conda config --add channels soumith

[which] adds the new channel [soumith] to the top of the channel list, making it the highest priority.


How long does it usually take to update the packages?
This commit from 4 days ago still seems not to be included.