Which GPUs are supported by Torch 2

No, unfortunately I don’t have another source for a pre-built wheel for xformers.

Thanks for another confirmation that the PyTorch wheels are not broken for sm_61.

Sure, happy to help.

That’s great to hear!

@sebby621 also thanks for confirming it, too.

made an account just to chime in positively about the excellent support

can confirm was getting the same error on a 1080Ti and recompiling xformers from source fixed it as detailed in the reddit post linked by @GeneralAwareness

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Just posting again to say that after the last updates Torch 2 got, now it’s working with the 1080 TI.

And i didn’t need for any extra steps or build, just the same steps of the video.

yep developer of extension did update. now it is working on 1xxx or 2xxx cards. thank you for letting us know