Which NVIDIA graphic card driver version should I choose?

OS: Ubuntu 16.04
We all know that before installing pytorch GPU version of cuda 10, we need to install nvidia graphic card driver, so I install graphic card driver through the ppa:graphics-drivers/dev.
which driver version is better, long lived version 410.78 or short lived version 415.27 ?
Is the graphic driver in the ppa:graphics-drivers/dev reliable?or Should I install the graphic driver through the NVIDIA official website?

For ubuntu the ppa:graphics-drivers is an officially supported one. Ans as far as decision on which driver to choose it depends on some factors. Like do you one of their latest architecture cards. But in general there is not much difference. The short lived one is for I think 3 months and the long lived one is for 6 months.

Got it again,Thank you very much!