Why can‘t I import pandas in pytorch for deeplearning?

I have installed pandas,if I create an ipynb file via python3
I can import pandas in this file

but if I create an ipynb file via pytorch for deeplearning
I can’t import pandas

my environment is win10

if anyone could help me with this problem?
very thx

You can import pandas in an environment where PyTorch is also installed.
Most likely pandas is not installed in the environment pytorch for Deeplearning.
How did you install it?
Could you try to activate the environment and install it via

conda install pandas

in your terminal?

very thx to you !

I tried to install pandas in PyTorch environment,and solved my problem.

although conda install pandas wasn’t useful,I tried pip install pandas,and sucessfully installed it.

now I can use pandas in pytorch for deeplearning

thx again !

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