Why can't I successfully open an exe(a littel game) by os.system

here is the code
import os
and the result:

which means the “Initializing elona.dll not exist”
but i double click the exe, it work successfully.
that’s why and what’s the right way for an NN to get the information from an exe such as a computer game?

What kind of information from the executable are you looking for?

For example , I want NN get the Game‘s picture,frame by frame, like our human watch the computer screen when we are playing game.(Sorry, I really don’t know what the technical term for this kind of information)

Injecting into a running program to grab the frames doesn’t sound like a trivial task and it won’t work by simply open an executable.
I would recommend to create the frames by a capturing software e.g. fraps while your game is running.

you are my hero !