Why can't we pip install?

I’m curious, why can tensorflow have

$ pip install tensorflow
$ pip install tensorflow-gpu

but for PyTorch we have to use this unconvential pip matrix which greatly increases the complexity of creating an open-source tool for other users based on PyTorch. We have to jump hoops with the Pipfiles, the setup.py and getting the instructions all together for installation which causes a higher barrier for entry.

It seems in the case of cuda 9, PyTorch can be installed as pip install torch

Right, which is the case for one of 12 30ish possible installations.

Hi, I have one question when I use anaconda virtual environment . I tried to install pytorch 1.0.0 and tensorflow under the same environment, but when I have successfully installed pytorch, tensorflow can not be established correctly, pip shows that no tensorflow version can be found. I am confused about it , if pytorch 1.0.0 can not stay with tensorflow?

@Lausanne I believe that is a separate, unrelated issue. My reference to Tensorflow is merely an example of what seems to be possible but is not with PyTorch.