Will Pytorch shift to Swift from Python or make it support Swift?

I have watched Fastai’s videos. It looks like Swift is a great language, and it can really speed up like 3 times faster or even more than Pytorch. Swift can use Python code and C++.

The speedup sounds interesting!
Could you post the comparison you are referring to?
Is this “plain Swift code” vs. “plain Python” or are other libraries used e.g. numpy?

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I believe its mostly advertisement and early hype for swift4TF! nothing new.
its still in its infancy it seems and has a long way to go, in order to get to the level in which Python or languages such as C/C++ are in deep learning.
But I guess having it wouldnt hurt. early adoption could be a good thing in case it really makes life easier without much compromises!

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Right, when I have time. I will do a VGG19 pre-trained in style transfer in Swift vs Pytorch.
I think I have mistaken that it was plain Python that was not even vectorized.