Will PyTorch team some day provide the similiar API as PyTorch Lightning?

Recently I’ve run into PyTorch Lightning and I am very excited about how it easier to create model, reduce boilerplate code and switch devices …

Will PyTorch Team consider to do something similar ?
This feature I would be glad to participate in :slight_smile:

pytorch/tnt might come close but would most likely still have differences. Also, there is pytorch/igite also providing a higher level-API.

I’m unsure about any other plans, but what would be the benefit to redo the same work and providing the same higher-level API?

Unfortunately they are not so cool as PyTorch Lightning …
PyTorch Lightning is much high level wrapper

And is well maintained and compatible, so I still don’t see a reason to reinvent it.

Oh, sometimes it make sense, for example:

  1. Remove dependency from third-party: maybe in future PyTorch Lighting become paid
  2. Better maintainability
  3. Maybe during reinventing wheel it will be done better :slight_smile:

As for me I would like to see PyTorch Lighting under PyTorch Organization as part of PyTorch Foundation, but not make it part of pytorch repository because maybe in future somebody will implement much better high level API for PyTorch