Will the following be part of computational graph and gradients are computed correctly?

consider following code will this part of computation graph correctly and gradients are computed correctly.I mean can distributions be part of graph

import torch
import torch.distributions.normal as tdn
dist = tdn.Normal(mean,std) #assume network predicts mean,std
loss = -1 * dist.log_prob(y)


I think the log_prob is differentiable for Normal yes. You can check that by verifying that if mean or std has requires_grad=True, then dist.log_prob(y).requires_grad == True.

In general, the output requires grad, that means that the function is differentiable using the autograd.

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Another question, tdn.cdf(y) will also differentiable right?
I was thinking if dist = tdn.Normal(mean,std) would mess computational graph.It will not write right?