1D convolution but before the sum operation

Hello all~
For the F.conv1d function. Suppose I have the input

input = [[a, b, c],
         [d, e, f]]

And I have the weight

weight = [[x, y],
          [z, w]]

Mathematically, the F.conv1d function will return

output = [[a, b, c] * [x, y]] + [[d, e, f] * [z, w]] # * is the cross-correlation operator

Now my problem is, I want to obtain the result before the sum operation, that is

desired_output = [[[a, b, c] * [x, y]],
                  [[d, e, f] * [z, w]]]

How should I do so? The simplest solution is I can create multiple weights and then conv1d each of them with the corresponding input channel but that will involve a loop that I really don’t want.

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You could use the groups argument as described here.

Thank you very much @ptrblck. I was suspecting the groups argument should do the job but the description on the official docs is so confusing.