A parameter about aten::scile

Today , I get aten::scile from TorchScriptModule, but I find [0, 9223372036854775807, 0, 1] in this aten::scile args.

What does this number 9223372036854775807 mean?

It’s [...]?


I don’t know what aten::scile is and where it’s defined, but the value looks like an uninitialized value.

Thank you for your reply :blush:. I found it from : Function at::slice — PyTorch master documentation

Ah, it’s slice. Sorry, I was thinking if it’s a typo, but couldn’t really map it.
Still, I think you are slicing an uninitialized tensor or are reading the underlying values in a wrong dtype. How did you create the tensor and how are you slicing it?

Oh,Sorry, I make a typo. :joy:

I get a TorchScriptModule (The network has slice operation)

Then I need to get parameters from slice operation

like this:

for node in model.inlined_graph.nodes():
    if node.kind() == 'aten::slice':

Strangely, the inputs have a parameter is prim::Constant[value=9223372036854775807]