A series of blogs on PyTorch C++ API: Transfer Learning, Jupyter Notebook with Libtorch (Xeus Cling) and more

Hi everyone.

I’m elated to share that I’ve been writing a series of blogs on using PyTorch C++ API frontend. By far, there have been 7 Blogs in the series which include:

  1. PyTorch C++ API: Installation and MNIST Digit Classification using VGG-16
  2. PyTorch C++ API: Using Custom Data
  3. PyTorch C++ API: Using Custom Data to Train a Network
  4. Classifying Dogs vs Cats using PyTorch C++ API: Part-1
  5. Classifying Dogs vs Cats using PyTorch C++ API: Part-2
  6. Applying Transfer Learning on Dogs vs Cats Dataset using PyTorch C++ API
  7. Setting up Jupyter Notebook (Xeus Cling) for Libtorch and OpenCV Libraries

I’ve also open-sourced codes for 2 major topics which include MNIST Digit Recognition and Transfer Learning. Here are the links to them:

  1. Digit Recognition on MNIST dataset using PyTorch C++: https://github.com/krshrimali/Digit-Recognition-MNIST-SVHN-PyTorch-CPP
  2. Transfer Learning on Dogs vs Cats dataset using PyTorch C++: https://github.com/krshrimali/Transfer-Learning-Dogs-Cats-Libtorch

I plan to continue writing blogs and release a blog every week. Please share your feedback and any suggestions in the comments below.



Cant believe no one replied, what a great addition to the community effort, well done!.

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@dambo - Thanks a lot for this. It means a lot. Happy to help the community who has given all it could, in open-sourcing Deep Learning Platform (PyTorch) to all.

Update on the blogs. I’m excited to share a start of another series of blogs on review and implementation of GANs using PyTorch C++ API. The first blog in this series is on DCGANs.

Link to the blog: https://krshrimali.github.io/DCGAN-using-PyTorch-CPP/

I’ll be sharing results and a short review on Strided and Fractionally Strided Convolutions in the next blog.

Hope this helps the community.



The blog was updated recently to a new theme (yay!) - and the links have changed substantially, please find all the blogs here: pytorch :: Kushashwa Ravi Shrimali (Kush) — Hello Friend NG HZ Theme.


Great!I have to struggle with my poor English to show you my respect. I will schedule time to study torch, and c++ version should be my first choice. you are my teacher now:-).