About cpu when load image and num_workers

I have the following two questions

  1. I cannot set the num_workers in Dataloader to any number grater then 0. it will have an error like . what’s the problem?
RuntimeError: DataLoader worker (pid 28830) is killed by signal: Bus error. Details are lost due to multiprocessing. Rerunning with num_workers=0 may give better error trace
  1. when num_workers = 0, the cpu(6 cores, 12 threads) seems to be running with multiple threads… why?

Reasons could be running this in a docker container, in which case there is not enough shared memory. Or simply leave this parameter away :slight_smile: Check this thread, for instance: https://github.com/pytorch/pytorch/issues/5040

Thanks for replying!
Actually not in a docker container…in a ubuntu server.I will try to expand the shared memory .