About Synchronize Batch Norm across Multi-GPU Implementation

I want to implement synchronize batch norm across multi-GPU. How can I do it? I think I should synchronize its mean and variance both forward and backward pass, so can I use the register_hook ? Can someone give me some advise? Thank you.


I’m not sure on the implementation, but for what it’s worth it’s actually recommended NOT to try and synchronize batchnorm for multi-node training. Not to deter you from exploring it, but unless you’re specifically investigating it I’d say it’s not the best place to devote effort for performance improvements.

Hmmm that’s weird. Isn’t that the exact opposite of DeepLab v3 and PSPNet, where their secret-sauce is essentially the fine-tuning of BN parameters on the VOC dataset across multiple GPUs?


Yes, the PSPNet use this BN. I am re-implementing the network and train process. So I have to implement this BN.

A brief description of implementing synchronize BN:


Thank you. I just think about how to communicate across GPUs.

Basically, you need to customize the DataParallel and enable the cross GPU communication for each layer. Good luck.


Just to update, I have released the Synchronized Mulit-GPU Batch Normalization http://hangzh.com/PyTorch-Encoding/syncbn.html

Any updates on a Synchronized Batch Norm in Pytorch?

ChainerMN has implemented one here

Please checkout the PyTorch compatible Synchronized Cross-GPU encoding.nn.BatchNorm2d and the example.

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