About torch.nn.Upsample

My input A is C×H×W. And I want to use torch.nn.Upsample to resize it.
I know the format should be Batch×C×H×W ,so I do:
self.upsample = torch.nn.Upsample(size=[128,128], mode=‘bilinear’)
A = torch.unsqueeze(A, 0) (to get 1×C×H×W)
A = self.upsample(A)
However, it reports:
raise NotImplementedError(“Got 3D input, but bilinear mode needs 4D input”)
NotImplementedError: Got 3D input, but bilinear mode needs 4D input

What is wrong with my code?Can someone help me? Thanks!

Your code is fine.
Could you check again that you are not passing another tensor to self.upsample?
This works:

A = torch.randn(3, 10, 10)
upsample = nn.Upsample(size=24, mode='bilinear')
A = torch.unsqueeze(A, 0)
A = upsample(A)

Sure. Could you print the shape of patch_up_A_temp right before the call to self.upsample?

thanks,wait one minute


It seems right. I am confused about it

Seems to be right.
Could you call self.upsample outside of the “batch loop”?:

x = torch.randn(1, 3, 55, 42)

The size of tensors among the bacth I want to resize are different. For each one I have to resize it respectively. I can not resize them for one batch directly. Any way to solve it?

I’m not sure I understand this issue.
Your tensors have a different spatial shape for every batch?
This should not be a problem as upsample will reshape it to [batch, channels, 128, 128].

Could you explain the tensor shapes a bit more?

For example, the input is 16×3×128×128 (batchsize=16).For each one among the batch ,I will crop one patch of different size respectively, that is my patch_up_A_temp. And I want to resize all the patch to the same size(64,64) and finally, for this batch, I get an output of 16×3×64×64.