Add existing AxesSubplot object from visualize_image_attr_multiple

I followed a tutorial from []( where I used Captum to visualize what my model learns. Until now it works great and I can get some visualization that makes sense.

However, I would love to add the output (plt_fig, plt_axis) of the following function to an existing subplot:

plt_fig, plt_axis = viz.visualize_image_attr_multiple(np.transpose(attributions_ig_nt.squeeze().cpu().detach().numpy(), (1,2,0)),
                                      np.transpose(transformed_img.squeeze().cpu().detach().numpy(), (1,2,0)),
                                      ["original_image", "heat_map"],
                                      ["all", "positive"],

Currently the output of this function is the following image:


However, I would like to be able to add the subplot to an existing subplot, e.g:

Is this possible? I have tried multiple things, but none has worked until now. I am aware of that one solution is to change the source code, however, I am not very interested in that since I would like to keep the source code as it is.

Is there some other way? I even tried to save the image as png and then load it again, however, I dont like that solution :slight_smile:

The question is answered in the following: