Adding custom net to the pretrained model

I am using renet50 as a pretrained model.
Now in resnet50 we have one fc layer and layer4 so I want to remove both the layers completely and feed the output of the previous layer to my new net:

class convNet(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self):
        super(convNet, self).__init__()
        #defining layers in convnet
        self.conv1 = nn.Conv2d(2048,1024, kernel_size=3,stride=1,padding=1)
        self.conv2 = nn.Conv2d(1024,512, kernel_size=3,stride=1,padding=1)
        self.conv3 = nn.Conv2d(512,256,kernel_size=3,stride=1,padding=1)

        self.pconv1= nn.Conv2d(256,256, kernel_size=(3,3),stride=1,padding=(1,1))
        self.pconv2= nn.Conv2d(256,256, kernel_size=(3,7),stride=1,padding=(1,3))
        self.pconv3= nn.Conv2d(256,256, kernel_size=(7,3),stride=1,padding=(3,1))

        self.conv4= nn.Conv2d(256,64,kernel_size=3,stride=1,padding=1)
        self.conv5= nn.Conv2d(64,1,kernel_size=3,stride=1,padding=1)
    def forward(self, x):
        x = nnFunctions.relu(self.conv1(x))
        x = nnFunctions.relu(self.conv2(x))
        x = nnFunctions.relu(self.conv3(x))
        #parallel conv
        x = nnFunctions.relu(self.pconv1(x)+self.pconv2(x)+self.pconv3(x))
        x = nnFunctions.relu(self.conv4(x))
        x = nnFunctions.relu(self.conv5(x))
        return x

How can I remove the fc and layer4?
How can I add the above network to the pretrained resnet50 and also I want to use fine tuning so I want to set require_grad=True for layer3 i.e last layer after removing fc and layer4, how can I do the same

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Write a new forward function that starts from the resnet50 forward function, but modifies it in the way you want.
All your questions can be done this way.


So you are saying

class convNet(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self,resnet,mynet):
        super(convNet, self).__init__()
        #defining layers in convnet
    def forward(self, x):
        return x

Is it okay if I just write self.resnet.layer1(x) or do I have to write everything for each conv layer in layer1?
And how can I set require_grad=False for layer1 and layer2 and require_grad=True for layer3

you can set it to false, like self.resnet.layer1.requires_grad=False (try it out)

Hi Soumith,

In case i want activations from a certain intermediate layer of my model, i should just rewrite the forward function call or is there maybe a more straight forward way to achieve the same. Thanks in anticipation.