Android libTorch

Hello everyone! I have some questions accordingly pytorch repository, I trying to build libtorch for Android. I would like to know if you have recently been able to build the library and your source code with the model using the provided scripts in the repository? I want to learn how to train a model using a simple MNIST training problem using libtorch on Android, but I encounter numerous errors when trying to build a library or compile my source code. Maybe some of you guys will have time and could help me, I would be very grateful.

I don’t believe libtorch for android is maintained at this point, the new recommendation for mobile builds is to use executorch GitHub - pytorch/executorch: End-to-end solution for enabling on-device AI across mobile and edge devices for PyTorch models

Is it possible to train model with that new framework?

No executorch is primarily intended for inference

Looks like it. So regarding libtorch, can it be used for simple learning on android? I think I saw several threads on this forum and someone was trying to put together a library for Android? Maybe i need to use older versions for this if the current version is not built?