Another install/build thread

Win10, libtorch cpu debug, visual studio 2022
I have intalled and build LibTorch using instructions on website. The example-app builds fine, creates the example-app.exe which also works and prints random tensor. Cmake creates a solution that consists of 3 parts: Zero Check, example app and All build. When i open the solution with visual studio and try to run it it throws Cannot find file error and points to All Build. When i delete All build and Zero check from the solution the example-app runs fine in Visual stuido. I can even copy-paste an example program from example repo and it runs. I have also tried the visual studio template which creates a new project . Linking against the libtorch directory seems to be ok but if i try to run any libtorch code i get an error saying i have a wrong version of windows sdk.

  1. Do i have to use cmake and generate the example-app everytime i want to start a new project ?
  2. Is it possible to make it work like for example opencv installed via vcpkg? I mean no configuration at all, just #include?

Sorry for noob questions and thanks in advance
Happy Easter