Apply a method to specific dimension while tensor is on CUDA


I am playing around with creating a custom layer for training. At some point on this path, I ended up with a tensor of shape (N x M x H). I would like to apply math operations to the last dimension of this tensor (for the sake of simplicity let’s say a sum of elements) to end up with a tensor of shape (N x M). I found out that the apply function would do something like that but it will apparently not work on CUDA.

Is there a way to do something like this in an elegant and efficient way?

Hi, how are you using apply for this? If available, I would just pass the dim arg in whatever math operation you’re calling on your tensor, e.g.: a.sum(dim=2)

That’s obviously an option, however a method I want to call on this dimension is more complex and written by me. It just requires a single dimension tensor with values and returns a single value as a result. Something like this:

def sth(values: torch.Tensor):
    return values.sum()

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I think I managed to do it that way:

def sth(values: torch.Tensor) -> float:
    """ Exemplary function, I am aware of a pytorch built-in sum ;-) """
    return sum(values)

              map(sth, elem.unbind(0)))
        for elem in a

However, it is super slow.

Excuse my assumption :slight_smile:
It’s hard to say without knowing more about your custom function; you might try using torch.einsum if it’s a matrix operation?

EDIT: @mkorycinski You also might be able to vectorize your custom function; that will certainly be more performant. Feel free to share the function if you’d like help with the vectorized implementation