Are there any logs from PyTorch building?

I’ve started building pytorch from source in developer mode, but i had to leave home for a while and i’ve set PC shutdown in an hour - when building process was on 95% stage - and now i don’t know whether compilation was successful :smiley:

The easiest thing might be to re-run the thing. Typically cmake (and/or ccache if set up) should make it a breeze if it has been done before (see for details).

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Ok, i’ll try, i thought that if i rerun build pytorch will be building few hours again, thanks :slight_smile:

So my variant of your problem is: when I compile (64-bit) PyTorch on the RaspPi (with 4GB), most of the time, I can use 4 cores (-j4). So I compile with that until I hit OOM, then I run it with -j1 through the large source files, hit ^C when I get bored and go back to -j4 for the remainder. Seems to work reasonably well. :slight_smile: