Assign manual assigned "grad_output"

Can pytorch support manually assign grad_output like torch?
In torch, each nn.Module have backward(self, grad_output) method, so that we can provide our manually designed grad_output.
To be more specifically,
z = g(f(x)), then from chain rule: dz/dx = dg(f(x))/df(x) * df(x)/dx.
In pytorch autograd, we just need to do z.backward() to do the back-propagation. If I want to manually provide k = dg(f(x))/df(x), and perform dz/dx = k * df(x)/dx, how should I do?
Thanks in advanced!

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and Iā€™m not sure is if register_backward_hook will help

you can also do: z.backward(grad_output) instead of z.backward() on the last variable.

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thx! @smth it works!