ATen > `at::_fft_r2c` Defined in File Function.h

I am looking at the documentation page for the definition of at::_fft_r2c. In that page it says the at::_fft_r2c is defined in the Function.h file. Where is this file located? I can’t find it.


This file is automatically generated during compilation.
The specifications of these generated files can be found here: pytorch/native_functions.yaml at master · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub
And from there, you can see which function is being called on CPU, CUDA, etc

Thank you so much @albanD.

Despite having a considerable experience with programming, I’ve always struggled understanding code from frameworks (such as PyTorch, Numpy, Scipy). They are on another level of organization that I didn’t quite learn from school, university courses, and most of the projects I worked in the past. Actually, I never even heard about them until I start to dig into these frameworks. Is there a place that explains the organization of these frameworks? (“Organization” meaning all architecture design, patterns and tools that tie all together)

Ed has a set of blogposts that are quite nice on that topic: PyTorch internals : ezyang’s blog

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@albanD, once again thank you so much. This is a very valuable resource. If I could, I would add it to the end of the file.