ATen cuda kernel dispatch for type

I am using ATen and this example, from here.
I have a kernel that needs one array of floats (for input) and one array of ints (for labels), should I still use AT_DISPATCH_FLOATING_TYPES?

  1. does this line mean only floats will be marshalled to cuda kernel? or is it just specifying the scalar_t?

    AT_DISPATCH_FLOATING_TYPES(X.type(), “lltm_forward_cuda” …

  2. Please correct me if I am wrong: The integral types (int, bool, …) I guess need no special treatment

P.S. it looks like both lines 123 and 157 pass “lltm_forward_cuda” as the second argument, that does not seem right if it is for debugging

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Re 1: AT_DISPATCH_FLOATING_TYPES will do float and double automatically.
You specify the dispatch for the type of X. When you have an int-Tensor-argument Y, it’ll be the same. You cannot pass an int-Tensor as X here.
If you want half, there also is a _AND_HALF version.
Re 2: You don’t get any special treatment of these and would have to do it on your own.
Probably using backward in the second string is better.

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Hello If anybody will be looking for it now there are multpple at dispatch macros here