AttributeError: module 'pyexpat.model' has no attribute 'eval'

Hi All,

I have an evaluate function that performs testing after training the model. The function runs very well without any errors however I want to link the function to a button so that when the button is pressed, the testing can be done. I have created the button and fed the function to the command argument of the button but when I press the button, the model.eval() throws this error module 'pyexpat.model' has no attribute 'eval'. Below is my code for demostration:

def evaluate(model, dataloader, data_min, data_max,  label_max, label_min):    
    for i in range(1):
        data, label =iter(dataloader).next()
        pred = model(data)

def main(args):
    global data_max, data_min, label_max, label_min, model, dataloader_valid
        data_min = -20
        data_max = 38
        label_min = 1500
        label_max = 4500

        dataset_valid = torch.load(args.val_anno)
        dataloader_valid =
        dataset_valid, batch_size=args.batch_size, shuffle=True)
        model = network.model_dict[args.model]()
        chkpnt = torch.load(args.resume, map_location='cpu')

        evaluate(model, dataloader_valid, data_min, data_max, label_min, label_max)

def parse_args():
    import argparse
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Testing')
    args = parser.parse_args()
    return args

def combineFunc(*funcs):
       def combinedFunc(*args, **kwargs):
            for f in funcs:
                f(*args, **kwargs)
       return combinedFunc

model_button = customtkinter.CTkButton(master=root, image = Inv, text="", corner_radius=1, fg_color="white", 
                        command = combineFunc(lambda: evaluate(model, dataloader_valid, data_min, data_max, label_min, label_max), 
                                            lambda: args, 
                                           lambda: main(args)))