BatchNorm1d - input shape

As far as I understand the documentation for BatchNorm1d layer we provide number of features as argument to constructor(nn.BatchNorm1d(number of features)).

As an input the layer takes (N, C, L), where N is batch size (I guess…), C is the number of features (this is the dimension where normalization is computed), and L is the input size.

Let’s assume I have input in following shape:
(batch_size, number_of_timesteps, number_of_features)
which is usual data shape for time series if batch_first=True.

Should I transpose the input (swap dimension 1 and 2) before running the batch normalization?

In this case I will have to transpose the output again to use it in RNN later. It looks quite weird to me.

Can someone please take a look at below example and let me know if this is the proper way.


import torch
from torch import nn

# data (batch size, number of time steps, number of features)
x = torch.rand(3, 4, 5)
# layers
bn = nn.BatchNorm1d(5)
rnn = nn.RNN(5, 10, 1, batch_first=True)
# computation - transpose TWICE
x_normalized = bn(x.transpose(1, 2)).transpose(1, 2)

Your code looks correct, since the batchnorm layer expects an input in [batch_size, features, temp. dim] so you would need to permute it before (and after to match the input of the rnn).
In your code snippet you could of course initialize the tensor in the right shape, but I assume that code is just to show the usage.

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