Being notified once lr changed by lr_scheduler?

I would like to log the change in lr throughout the training when it happens.

What is the right way of checking if lr has changed?

I am currently using stepLR but I guess it should be vaild for any lr scheduler

Also if there is a way to check what the current step is from lr_scheduler instance. that can help since most lr change depends on # of steps.
This part can be done by checking # of epoch but for debugging purpose, it must come from lr_scheduler instatnce

You could write your own lr_scheduler by basically copying and pasting the source code of StepLR. You could integrate a variable verbose that when set True, it warns you when the LR is being changed. It is actually already implemented in the ReduceLROnPlateau.

hrm… I am surprised that it’s not available.
okay. thanks