Best way to iterate over weights of model

I want to compute L1 regularization. I need to iterate over my network parameters and ignore the bias for computing the L1 loss. Is there a function for checking if a parameter is a weight or bias?

Here is my code. Is this the recommended way? I am afraid that the string comparison in every loop may slow down training.

l1_reg = None
for name, W in net.named_parameters():
    if name[-6:] != 'weight':
    if l1_reg is None:
        l1_reg = W.norm(1)
        l1_reg = l1_reg + W.norm(1)

Thanks in advance :D.

I think you almost did it.
A string compare should need almost no computational cost. If you initialize the l1_reg with zero you do not need the second if-closure which also saves a minimal amount of computation time. AFAIK there is no more efficient way to do so.

l1_reg = 0
for name, W in net.named_parameters():
    if 'weight' in name:
        l1_reg = l1_reg + W.norm(1)

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