Brightness Normalization in Alexnet paper

I am trying to implement alexnet. In the paper, they have mentioned using Brightness normalization(3.3). I am not quite sure how to implement this in PyTorch. Is there any documentation I am missing? or do I have to implement this myself?

Alexnet Paper

Respected community members,
I have no clue how to move on with this. I am stuck in t
his implementation. Can I atleast get some help regarding how to approach this problem? Or what do you do when you get to a point where you dont understand how to implement the paper anymore?

The “brightness normalization” it’s the same as “Local Response Normalization” and the expression is given in the same section. It’s a type of normalization but it seems it’s not using frecuently (related). In fact, if you look at pytorch alexnet implementation (link), this not use any kind of normalization .

So my advice is try to not spend so much time in some implementation that will have minor or nothing improvements.

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Thanks a lot, sir for the reply. I am thinking how did you find this? And also I am just implementing all these to get myself to learn some stuff. I am planning to implement things - if you have any suggestion you can let me know here.
Also what can I do to understand pytorch better?