Brodcasting 2D index select in pytorch?

I have a tensor of shape P.shape=[N,k] and an index tensor of shape ind.shape=[L,N], where ind[i,j] is a column in P[j] (ind[i,j] < k always).
I wish to create a new tensor of dims [L,n], where the functionality can be generated using a for loop in the following manner:

    new= []
    num_points = P.shape[-1]
    for experiment in range(ind.shape[0]):
    new= torch.stack(new)

But as L is really big, the code is extremely slow.

Using repeat I managed to replicate the functionality

new = P.unsqueeze(1).repeat(1,L,1,1).reshape(-1,*P.shape[1:])
new = new.gather(2,ind.unsqueeze(2)).squeeze(2)

But as L is really big I have an OOM exception on the .repeat(1,L,1,1) line.
I was wondering if I can accomplish something similar using broadcasting?