Broken pip [Errno 32] with latest official windows release

I had this issue before but that was using peterjc’s unofficial window version. The solution is really simple you just have to change num worker to 0 and everything works. Out of curiosity, I tried to change num worker to above 0 in my data loader after installing the official 0.40 windows release and I still have the error. How do I use more than 1 worker?

@peterjc123 posted a possible solution here.
Apparently on Windows machines you need to wrap your code in

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # Your code

to safely use multi-processing.

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@inkplay Besides, you may have used something in the data loading process that may be unsupported in multiprocessing on Windows, such as lambda functions, nested functions or classes and etc.

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Thanks for the reply I did not know what!

Thanks for the info!