Build Glow on Windows


I would like to build a Glow on my Windows x64 machine. For now, I’m working inside a virtual machine.

I went to and I followed docs/
I used the prebuild version of LLVM and I did other steps successfully, but I have a problem with building the Glow.
There are missing pthread.h and failed tests HAVE_GNU_POSIX_REGEX and HAVE_POSIX_REGEX during the execution of CMake command and a lot of warnings and linker errors(multiple definitions of symbols, etc.) during the build step.
Also, only four executable files are generated, but I suppose there should be a lot.

Can you please tell me are there some additional steps that should be done in order to compile Glow properly.

I installed the newest Windows SDK, CMake, Python, and Visual Studio Community 2019 with C/C++ Development Kit.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I’d suggesting posting an issue on GitHub and tagging mciprian13 and ayermolo. They’re some of the primary users that run Windows.