Build integration for PyTorch in Glow

Hi, I am trying to integrate pytorch in glow, but I got the following errors:

In file included from glow/torch_glow/src/TorchGlowBackend.cpp:2:
glow/torch_glow/src/TorchGlowBackend.h:40:23: error: only virtual member functions can be marked ‘override’
bool is_available() override;

glow/torch_glow/src/TorchGlowBackend.cpp:161:21: error: no matching constructor for initialization of ‘torch::jit::backend’
static auto cls = torch::jit::backend(“glow”, preprocess);

Thank you

Hi, I imagine this is due to the build environment/compiler (and its version) you’re using. I would guess fixing that would be simple (mark is_available as virtual). If you try out a fix and it works feel free to submit a PR to fix it, thanks! :slight_smile: