Building Pytorch with rocm4.0(beta)

I am using acer nitro 5 ryzen 5 AN515-42 (2018) model, which has ryzen 2500u, vega8 igpu, rx560x as dgpu on ubuntu 20.04.2

I tried to install pytorch with rocm4.0(beta), with no rocm installation ever, (should i try to download rocm, from laptop has anaconda installed. There are 2 commands as given in the getting started document- Start Locally | PyTorch

command1 - was successful

command 2 - pip3 install ninja && pip3 install ‘git+’
which got error-ed out ( ninja got installed properly)

(adding ss, as more than 2 links for new accounts is not allowed, F
Also, i dont know how to get logs too)

On Debian/Ubuntu you want to install the package libtinfo5 . I don’t know how it works for conda.
Note that I also don’t know whether your setup is supported by ROCm (see eg make rocm work with "ASUS TUF505DY" · Issue #750 · RadeonOpenCompute/ROCm · GitHub mentioning rx560x).

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