Building torch from source for old GPU

I need a 1.13 version of torch with compute capability 3.5 and cuda 10.2, since there is no prebuilt one, I’m doing it myself.
Have been using this guide (changing versions here and there) : Building PyTorch from source on Windows to work with an old GPU
I’m at last steps
performing command

python install --cmake

gives me

Could not find any of CMakeLists.txt, Makefile,, LICENSE,, LICENSE.txt in D:\torch\pytorch\pytorch\third_party/ios-cmake                      
Did you run 'git submodule update --init --recursive --jobs 0'?  

I did the submodule update already, it does nothing.

Those instructions seem out of date, specifically I’m not sure what the ccmake flag is supposed to do this in this case

Would suggest reading the official instructions pytorch/ at main · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub

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Had to start all over, but I’m getting new errors now.
Thank you.

Current problem - having VS2022, when requirements are from 2015 to 2019.