Caffe2 for python = 2.7

I need to build caffe2 from source using Python =2.7 for using an old code.

It seems the current official Pytorch repo doesn’t support python2.7

Is there any way pytorch/caffe2 be built using python2.7 ??

Thank You

You can go through the releases on Github and find ones that support 2.7. It seems that all original caffe2 releases support 2.7, sucha s this one:

@BramVanroy’s suggestion might work, but I would generally advice against using a deprecated software stack, which won’t get any updates anymore. :wink:

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Thank You @BramVanroy for the link. But the link seems to be missing modules in ~caffe2/third_party.

Thank You @ptrblck for your suggestion. I am able to change the code to suit for Python 3.

However I want to install R3D -

In this work they had modified the files in caffe2/video and then installed caffe2 from source.

While doing the same with the current official code of Pytorch/caffe2 it seems their modified modules are not compatible with the current Pytorch/caffe2.

What are your suggestions on how to install R3D??