Can dataloader fetch me a batch of lists?

The input to my model is images of varying length sequence, so I store them in a list.
My question is, when the batch_size of my dataloader is 8, can it fetch me 8 lists of images?
My dataset is defined as follows:

class mydataset(object):

    def __init__(self, root, train_dir, label_dir, img_num, transform, training=True):
        super(mydataset, self).__init__()
        self.root = root
        self.transform = transform
        self.train_dir = self.root + train_dir
        self.label_dir = self.root + label_dir
        self.img_num = img_num

        self.img_paths = []

        for i in range(1, img_num + 1):
            if not training:
                i = i + 530
            current_train_list = []
            current_train_dir_path = self.train_dir + '/' +  str(i) + '/'
            img_name_list = os.listdir(current_train_dir_path)
            for img_name in img_name_list:
                current_train_img_path = current_train_dir_path + img_name

            label_img_path = self.label_dir + "/" +str(i)+".JPG"

                "train_img_path_list": current_train_list,
                "label_img_path": label_img_path

    def __len__(self):
        return self.img_num

    def __getitem__(self, index):
        paths = self.img_paths[index]
        train_img_path_list = paths["train_img_path_list"]
        train_img_list = []

        for img_path in train_img_path_list:

        label_img =["label_img_path"]).convert('RGB')
        seed = np.random.randint(0, 2 ** 16)  # make a seed with numpy generator
        for i in range(len(train_img_list)):
            train_img_list[i] = self.transform(train_img_list[i])

        label_img = self.transform(label_img)

        sample = {"train_img_list": train_img_list, "label_img": label_img}
        return sample

data fetching:

for j, dataa in enumerate(trainloader):
    exposure_sequence_list, Label = dataa['train_img_list'], dataa['label_img']

when batch_size = 8, label is of shape [batch_size, channel, height, weight]
and exposure_sequence is supposed to be 8 lists,


However, when I print them, type is class:List, and len is 7(one of the lists’ length)

So what happens is that the default collate function will get a list batch of one list per batch item and the use zip(*batch) to get a list of batches. This is clearly not what you want, so you need to implement your own collate function and pass it to the dataloader.

You can use the default_collate function as inspiration for how to write one and handle the dicts.

Best regards