Can I keep my CUDA version along with Anaconda-based Pytorch CUDA?

I’m new to Pytorch (and Anaconda). I’ve read related topics in the forum but am still confused about the compatibility. My ubuntu has already got CUDA 10.1 + CuDNN installed with Nvidia 418.56 driver. I’ve also had CUDA environment and library path setup. Then I installed Pytorch through Anaconda which comes with CUDA toolkit 10.0. I’m wondering:

  1. Am I correct that Pytorch only calls CUDA tools purely within the Anaconda library path, without looking for CUDA tools in the OS environment?
  2. For long term, is it safe to keep two versions of CUDA like this? I’d like to keep the OS-based CUDA for some graphic works, as its feature is a bit more up-to-date. But I don’t want to mess things up.
    Any suggestion? Thanks.