Can I run experiment on google Colab (mount drive)and shut down the computer and waiting the result?

since each epoch will run 30 mins and I may be run it at night, but I can not wait for it to finish. can I run it and then close the computer and see the result in the moring?

I don’t think it is guaranteed to be connected to that same session.

On such case, I would cache the stage every couple epochs and just leave the machine on. If you get disconnected, at least you have the cache and you could continue training from there.

Also, as far as I know, you need you machine to be active. From time to time Colab asks the user to interact with the session. Though there are some javascript snippets (e.g. here and here) to do that interaction manually, the computer would still need to be on.

but I run it in the mount drive, not web notebook, is the same thing answer?

Having the drive mounted does not change the requirements for interactivity from Colab. However, one of the biggest advantages of using the Drive is to save data in the mounted paths, so that you don’t lose that data when the Virtual Machine of the current session gets reset.

thanks you very much