Can LSTM run multivariate time series?

Hello, everyone.
I want to run Deep Learning model for multivariate time series.

For example, below is the daily delivery amount of post office

delivery date, post office id, delivery amount, weekday, …

which is daily data, multivariate

I want to predict future delivery amount using data above.

Can I run this as deep learning model using LSTM??

That is, can LSTM run mutlivariate time series data for prediction??

If it is not possible, which deep learning model should I use??

Thank you in advance and have a nice day!

Yes you can use LSTM for time series data prediction. You can find alot of resources for that purpose.

You can check this github repo for research papers and link for data resources.

If you want to checkout for implementation you can also find that in below link.

Dear Usama:

Thank you for your help and kindness.
I believe your advise can solve my problems.
I will read them in detail.

Have a nice day and see you, Usama.