Can not access Torch C++ API documentation

When I visit C++ API documentation it returns 404 files not found.

for example:

Does anyone know where can I find the C++ API documentation? or it just because my Network Issus??


I have the same 404 error when visiting the C++ API doc. I also got the issue with the page

I suppose we can still find the doc information from GitHub - pytorch/cppdocs: PyTorch C++ API Documentation but that’s not very convenient.

I hope it will be back online soon :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Visit GitHub for doc is kind soooo inconvenient :rofl: and I even can not find what I am looking for…But seems no other choices left, sigh

Could you create an issue for it on GitHub, as the generation of the docs might have failed?

Okay, I’ll do that :slight_smile: