Can Pytorch team build a full course in deep in both concept leture with black board and coding just like Coursera?

Hi, Pytorch team or whoever. I have taken on coursera, but most of them are in Keras and TensorFlow. However, I feel TensorFlow is a mess, and that is why I switched to Pytorch. However, I think one of the reasons Keras is so successful is because they have a “full MOOC” and many lectures on the concepts on coursera by Andrew Ng. I am a dumb guy, but I was still able to understand many architectures and concepts. For example, “YOLO”. Those tutorials on the PyTorch document website are not great(at least for comparing to coursera).

I am not asking the Pytorch team has to work with coursera. But can we have a"full" course in concept and code with 7 to 15 mins each deeply teaches many concepts?

I hope if the Pytorch team does a course in deep on the concept on the blackboard(no ppt) and coding it will be as successful as ReactJS because we Reactjs guy need these two things. And Pytorch should not be limited to research people only.


@Atcold has done some amazing work to get some DL/pytorch tutorials on youtube here.

I know there are a few books available as well. But I don’t think any of them is written by the core team.

@Cami might have a better idea of what’s coming?

There is also a udacity course from Facebook on PyTorch. I haven’t looked into it that much, but it might be interesting for you.

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That one is not very much about deep learning. For another intro to pytorch with rnn, cnn, and more on Udacity are just very introduction.

Ah OK, I see. If you are looking for deep learning specific courses, maybe have a look at It’s using a wrapper on top of PyTorch,

I saw it, but it still did not cover as much the pytorch tutorial. I am just suggesting. I hope we can have something that is very similar to the coursera’s class.
In addition, I still feel it is not really great and deep as Andrew Ng’s courses with numpy on deep learning on coursera.


I’m planning on putting online the course we’re offering here at NYU. It’s taught by Yann (LeCun) and myself.
All videos are on my hard drive. I just need to clean them up and upload them. Perhaps I could use some help for the cleaning process :sweat_smile:


Hi, Atcold. When did those courses were recorded?
If you need help, I can definitely help you.
What kind of cleaning process do you need?
Video editing? Editing the video and cutting them based on many concepts?
If you need people do do subtitle in English or Chinese, please feel free to contact me.

If you can give me those videos for me to study, it could be great and very thankful. I promise I won’t upload them and if you really need help for cleaning up, I will do it in my free time.
If you need help, please feel free to contact me or reply it in below.

However, I suggest you to upload those videos as soon as possible because there are many people waiting for them.
My email:

These are from the Spring 2019 class.
They have been summarised in this book (which is not cleaned up).
The labs’ notebooks, slides, and a few recording can be found here.

Yes, they need some indexing, like at this minute:second go fullscreen with the slides (I’m coding live), at this minute:second go fullscreen on the instructor (I’m writing on the blackboard), at this minute:second beep (I’m swearing).

So, it would basically be just writing down minute:second of “events”.
If only we could use DL to process video clips…