Can we build libtorch without MKL?

I was able to build libtorch with MKL (installed by conda) by python install. However, there is no guarantee that the production environment is provided with MKL. As a result, I was wondering if we can build libtorch without MKL?
I’ve tried by uninstalling MKL (through conda) and build libtorch. The building process looks normal. However, when linking to my executable, there are several ‘undefined reference’ error messages I’ve never seen and the Google also provide nothing useful.

Apologize for the Chinese characters in the screenshot. ‘未定义的引用’ means ‘undefined reference’

I think if you build Pytorch from source and you don’t provide MKL, then Pytorch will rely on Eigen as one of its submodules. That said, you do not even need a linear algebra library on your system for Pytorch to compile

In the you will find

#   BLAS
#     BLAS to be used by Caffe2. Can be MKL, Eigen, ATLAS, or OpenBLAS. If set
#     then the build will fail if the requested BLAS is not found, otherwise
#     the BLAS will be chosen based on what is found on your system.

And thanks for translating the characters for us, I appreciate that a lot :slight_smile:

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