Cannot `pip install torch` (MacOS / Python 3.11)

🧢 pi@pis-MacBook-Pro ~
> cd ~/Desktop/

🧢 pi@pis-MacBook-Pro ~/Desktop
> python -m venv  --upgrade-deps  .venv

🧢 pi@pis-MacBook-Pro ~/Desktop
> . .venv/bin/activate

🧢 pi@pis-MacBook-Pro ~/Desktop
> python --version
Python 3.11.1

🧢 pi@pis-MacBook-Pro ~/Desktop
> pip install torch
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement torch (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for torch

This is rather feeble. Python 3.11 was out 3+ months ago. And PyTorch is pretty much Industry Leader at time of writing AFAICS.

What’s blocking this?


The linked GitHub issue describes the open tasks, which you could track there.
Assuming some of them are still open I’m sure contributions are more than welcome.

fwiw I’m not trying to be a dick here.

ML first-timers will probably realize thru bouncing YouTube/Google/Discord that most of the action is happening around pytorch. And a lot of them will bump into the above fail and end up searching this forum.

So it would make sense to have a summary somewhere google-visible. That GitHub issue is a massive wall of text.

In short, you can use your SYSTEM python to create your .venv:

> /usr/bin/python3 -m venv .venv

My mac shows:

> /usr/bin/python3 --version
Python 3.9.6

… and I’m running latest macOS (13.1 Ventura).

If you . .venv/bin/activate you should be able to pip install torch with no problems.

I understand your question and frustration and don’t know what answer you expect to “What is blocking this?” besides the already tracked progress in the issue you’ve already found.
PyTorch is an open source project and community contributions are more than welcome.
Likewise suggestions how to improve the landing page etc.

I cannot comment on the Mac install issues in 3.11 and/or 3.9 as it’s not my area of expertise.

I’ll close out the ticket by marking my previous post as solution, so anyone that ends up here has a quick-fix.

I kinda wish GitHub Issue tracker had a feature whereby maintainers could accrete a TLDR at the top of each topic (I often end up rabbitholing down github issue threads).