Can't download imagenet datset

does anybody know how to download imagenet dataset?(i know i has branches and subset datasets, suppose i want bird dataset, how can i do that?)


You should update your version of torchvision.
Unfortunately, you cannot download imagenet dataset without logging in anymore. So you will have to manually download it. The newest version of torchvision will explain that issue if you try to download imagenet.

ok but why pytorch documentation has

imagenet_data = torchvision.datasets.ImageNet('path/to/imagenet_root/')
data_loader =,

this code as a guide?

Yes, there is no download=True in the doc. You need to give the path where it is already downloaded as we cannot do it automatically anymore.

if i download it manually than what’s the point of the datasets module?

For the publicly available datasets, we do provide them. But this one is not available to freely download online anymore.
That wouldn’t be nice to share our own copy of their dataset.