Cats and dogs PyTorch dataset for Lucidrain vision transformer

I am trying to run the cats and dogs example for vision transformer by lucidrain but the following Webpage from PyTorch doesn’t exist anymore. What is the link I should use for retrieving the and files?

This dataset is required for running the cell #9 here vit-pytorch/cats_and_dogs.ipynb at main · lucidrains/vit-pytorch · GitHub

The author has linked to the PyTorch website that I linked above in this issue: how to get · Issue #13 · lucidrains/vit-pytorch · GitHub

The datasets docs can be found here: torchvision.datasets — Torchvision 0.11.0 documentation

You can generally use the search in the docs to check if pages were moved.

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Thank you, I also found something with same number in kaggle Dog_vs_Cat with Pytorch | Kaggle